Friday, 27 August 2010

Espalier fruit trees, House of Dun, Montrose

The House of Dun is near Montrose in what I think of as "Golf" Country (Carnoustie and a billion other golf courses). The Montrose Basin is nearby, with the nature reserve. However, what I found most impressive about this National Trust property was the espalier fruit trees against the kitchen garden wall.

I have honestly never seen such amazing fruit. The leaves were dark and glossy. The fruit looked sumptuous - rich, ripe and plentiful . My garden envy was at an all-time peak. I want their secret!

It must be the climate, and I was quite prepared to up sticks and move to Scotland that instant. That day, my eyes were opened to the possibilities for fruit trees, and one day I will fulfill those.


  1. Luscious, indeed! Your photos inspire me to move ahead with visions of my young apple trees (and adding more, maybe pear) to the south side of the barn and training them to espaliers.

    What a lovely trip to Scotland! And Darling Girls, tucked under mama's wings.
    Looking forward to seeing more and navigating your pages!

  2. If you find out the secret PLEASE share. I am a victim of garden envy myself. Those do look absolutely delicious. I would love to have a yield like that.