Thursday, 18 June 2009

Huge Pumpkins

Doug gave us these small and very dark green squashes, which look interesting. He said to fill them with cheese and admitted that they are fairly tasteless (hence the cheese I suppose).

However, I can't really picture them tasting nice with salmon which we are having tonight, and they look as though they will probably survive a day in the fridge. We absolutely must remember to eat them and not let them go off in the fridge.

To be oven-baked stuffed with cheese:

To be oven-baked stuffed with cheese

The main attraction on the plot at the moment is the giant pumpkin that has emerged from one of my squash plants. I bought a variety pack and had no idea what was going to come out till they fruited.

Taking pride of place...
Taking pride of place...

Where's the harvest festival when you need it? Hope we get the chance to exhibit it with the girls - maybe at the usual Wisley autumn thing?

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