Thursday, 18 June 2009

What ever happened to the green tomatoes?

I just thought I would post a photo of the tomatoes now they have ripened. They have pretty much just sat in the kitchen since the last photo:

Red tomatoes

Jamie had heard that if you put the green ones together with the red ones, they ripen. Something to do with some chemical they give off. Another tip is to use ripe bananas which apparently give off the same chemical (I wonder if that is the same one that is supposed to make wasps angry?)

Anyway, whatever it was it seems to have worked - this is about 3 weeks after the first photo (below) and they have literally just sat on the kitchen floor in a bag.

Now we just need to eat them. For me it just isn't a raw tomatoes time of year, so they are just sitting there making me feel guilty. (Since doing this blog I am realising what a large part 'guilt' plays in my life!) I think they will have to be oven-roasted with garlic and oils or something, just to make them more appetising. For next year, Perry and George have given us one of their 'Black Russian' tomatoes to save the seed from. Hopefully these will taste better - they swear by them!

Also, Jamie wants me to put on a photo of the bouquet garni he made from the allotment herbs.

Ta da......
Ta da......

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