Monday, 20 July 2009

The cutting garden

Well, neglect has turned out to be my friend as well as my enemy. I have been so busy at work that inevitably everything else has fallen down. This includes the allotment. However, this means I have a glut of flowers which made a lovely surprise when we eventually did get there.

As well as the Swan River Daisies that had sprung from nowhere, I found some ragwort that had sneakily flowered while I have been off weeding duty, so I decided they went quite well together.

The sweet peas made the house smell lovely, and somehow the whole thing just reminds me of midsummer - the best time of year for all kinds of reasons.

Allotment July 18th 003

Also, I took a photo of the plants I picked up at Hampton Court last week.

Allotment July 18th 005

The echinacea has been raided for the flower arrangements, but the hydrangea is just stunning. The astilbe was inspired by the Enchanting Escape garden.

Off now to the allotment, where we are about to do a plot to plate challenge. I reckon the potatoes will be in the pot within 15 mins of being dug up, along with some french beans. I am salivating at the thought of it!


  1. Oh yum - if you have any spare veggies - feel free to share!


  2. The flowers look lovely. My French beans should be ready any day now.

  3. Hi MR, Might bring some spuds over!

    Jo - I can't even remember what half of mine were, but they are all tasting good.