Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hampton Court Flower Show 2009 Part 3 The Show Gardens

I know I am milking it now. I just loved it - there were so many things to see and so many lovely images to capture.

Allotment July 5th 021

I think I have saved the best till last, but I guess it is all a matter of taste.

Allotment July 5th 008

There is a part of me that understands why this won 'Best in Show', but then there is also a mystery, because I had two completely different front runners.

'Enchanted Escape', on the Garden Walk, which I felt looked better from the side, when I tried to peep in the sides, trying to avoid the crowds:

Allotment July 5th 047

Than it did front on, although it captured something beautiful and somehow of its time:

Allotment July 5th 056

The colours and the planting were just sublime, and the overall feel was one of contentment and escape.

The other garden that captured my heart was a small garden 'A teenager's escape'. I could empathise with the innocent heart that it was trying to capture:

Allotment July 5th 057

I think the colour combinations are the thing that makes the garden for me. Not the landscaping or the clever concept, although I also appreciate these things in smaller measure.

Allotment July 5th 100

There was something incredibly harmonious about these two gardens, that I think struck a chord with me. For me, they share something of the romance of gardening.

Finally, a parting shot of a garden whose name I can't even remember,but it did make that first visual impact where I noticed that they had matched the colours very carefully....

Allotment July 5th 087


  1. Love the idea of a fourposter bed in the garden, I've always thought a daybed would be a wonderful facility, and what a perfect place for it in the summer! My practical side wonders if it is draped around with shower curtains, and what about overhead? Having been under a gazebo in a summer rainstorm, and remembering how the roof bowed in and gathered half a tank of water which we then had to push up over the sides...still, we can dream can't we:-)

  2. I enjoyed watching the highlights of the show on TV. Did you see it? The last garden you talk of with all the colours was shown, and it went into detail about how the material had been dyed using colouring from plants. It was really interesting.

  3. I agree that this summer, a four poster bed would be most appropriately draped in shower curtains. And only a few weeks ago we were basking in Mediterranean temperature. Still, a year of contrasts I suppose.

    I didn't see the highlights, which is a shame, and I would have been fascinated to see that garden. Thanks for telling me - I would never have known that they used the plants - I zoomed round the show, not really getting a chance to look at anything in depth (with 2 little children in tow I was just glad to be there at all!). I will try to look into it now though.